This was a school project turned passion project.  I had this concept in my head for years now, and when I was given the chance to bring it to life, I jumped at the opportunity.  The lyrics in Keshi's song, Less of You, reminded me of a conversation between a couple faced with the decision of breaking up.  

The start of the video with the moving gradients represent the stages of a relationship.  The yellow, orange, and green represent the process of falling in love.  The pinks and reds represent being in love, a soft yet passionate feeling.  The start of the light purple in that shifting gradient smoothens the transition for the love that was growing bad, so I purposely chose colors that weren't as flattering together.  The last stage is the inevitable end of a relationship with mainly blues evoking the feeling of emptiness and loneliness.

One of my favorite parts of the project was figuring out how to animate the tapping of the message and having the screen slide up.  I also enjoyed adding a functioning timer and meter for it.

I thought it would be fun to have the text message shift from light and dark mode, which shared the screen of both users.  This allowed the viewer to see things in both perspectives.
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